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Wiki-day knowledge expansion

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 10:45

Wiki-day organized by Falanster took part on August 17 in Art-Siadziba. People, who were interested in work with wiki and editors of belarusion Wikipedia, were gathered together. Participants exchanged with knowledge and added articles to Wikipedia.

The meeting was started with the report of Pavel Silitskas (Wizardist), editor of classic belarusion language version (tarasckevitca). He spoke passionately about steps of login, account settings, wiki-markup features and about “good behavior” rules for editors and administrators.

Wikimedia engine is a kind of social network where each user has a page and a forum for communications. By default there is a button that changes hyphens to dashes, changes quotes, makes text more userfriendly. Also there is the button “tarasckevizator” in tarasckevitsa version that changes text in official belarusian language (norkamovka) to classical (tarasckevitsa).

It was interesting to watch the Wikipedians, their communication. As soldiers of one front they complement and hint each other. It was no matter to which wikipedia they belong to (In 2007 belarusian Wikipedia was devided into two. One with the official spelling and another one with classic spelling).

Wiki-markup is a markup language not difficult to learn, but it also should be learned not to become a barrier for posting articles. Editors invite to use forum everyone who has questions about markup and article topics.

Then there was practise part. Some of the participants prepared their articles to post, to edit and to typeset, they consulted with experienced administrators. Some issues were considered: how to add a link to wiki repository, how to work with geolocation and maps.

Here are five rules of Wikipedia:

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia;
  • it is important to follow a neutral point of view;
  • Wikipedia is free to use;
  • it is important to support polite dialogue;
  • there are no strict rules except these.

In the final part of the meeting Olga Sitnik (Homelka) from official belarusian language version part told about Wikisource. It is kind of online library where each article needed to be processed in details.

As a result of wiki-day some new articles were posted:

Falanster and belarusian Wikipedia community invite everybody to create new articles and to expand public domain legacy of belarusian language.

Gallery of Wikipedia

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