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Wiki-helper. Run your wikipedia

Nowadays a lot of belarusians use wikipedia, but only few of them know about all its functions and capacities. How to add an article or a photo? How to edit or supplement an article? Who are the wiki-editors and what's a wiki-society? Who and how can run Wikipedia?

If you wonder these questions, you are one of those, who seek the answers, but didn't manage to find them. We are developing this Wiki-helpere for those, who are willing to help the extension of belarusian Wikipedia or who are simply willing to learn more about the opportunities of this online-encyclopedia.

Wiki-helper is a joint project of a youth organization Falanster and the editors of both divisions of belarusian Wikipedia and all other supporters of free knowledge and modern open ways of running it. The project is targeted at people, who create new knowledge and are interested in how to organize it.

Why are we doing it? We assume that Wikipedia is an outstanding platform for distribution of free knowledge in the belarusian language. By creating the Helper, we want more people to be able to take part in the development of belarusian parts of the online encyclopedia.

The main goal of Wiki-helper is to organize knowledge of how to use Wikipedia in a simple and understandable for the majority of people manner. That is in a form of a Helper(printed, electronic or Wiki), which will help to develop the belarusian Wikipedia.

The project is under the development during July, August and September of 2015 and presents several online and offline activities targeted at the expansion of the belarusian wiki-society, enlargement of knowledge on belarusian language and about Belarus overall.

The Helper will be distributed free of charge in both in electronic and printed forms under the conditions of a free license [if you are willing to learn more about free licenses, see our project Smachnaya Tvorchast].

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