This page will show you why Falanster has started the Wiki-markup, what we add and will add to the page during 2015-2016 year.

The main aim is to make the Wikipedia community stronger. The stronger community is, the richer Belarusian Wikipedia will be. So the culture and language will enrich with that.

Which of the sections? To be honest, we are for having one Belarusian section. But we welcome Wikipedians' initiatives both for the classic orthography (55397 articles) and for the academic orthography (80322 articles by January 7th, 2015).

What does strengthening mean? We have been contacting with Wikipedians for a long time and found out their problems, conducted a survey which showed the main expectations of both active Wikipedians and common users. We picked out three main directions in Wiki-markup:

The first direction is events in Minsk and other Belarusian towns. They are open lectures, masterclasses, contests and other events with different communities. It means enlarging contacts between Wiki-community and those who can widen its subject and the quantity of editors.

The second direction. This is work with media space and PR. The main task is to make Wikipedia popular and create its appealing and positive image via press and different events (conferences, holidays, etc).

And the most important direction is to pass knowledge. We want to create Wikipedian's Helper. It will be electronic and paper-based versions for Wiki-beginners. We want to make it together. It means attracting different people to joint creation: experienced Wikipedians, beginners as well as those who can interact with Wikipedia afterwards (students, journalists, artists, linguists, researchers, etc).

What will be the best result? In our opinion, this is readiness of the Belarusian Wiki-community to organize an international event and invite activists from different countries to Belarus in 2017, for instance. Only then our aim will be completed and we will pass the baton to a new generation.

Are you eager to be a volunteer for Wiki-markup?

We have lots of things to do:

  • For now the most important thing is Wikipedian's Helper. We prepare texts, edit them and find financial assistance.
  • Are you not from Minsk? We also have different jobs. We are ready to arrange Wiki-trips for you as we did in Grodno.
  • Club. Wiki-club will be the great thing in community's development. Do you feel your organisation potential? Falanster is ready to help in club's organisation using its experience and possibilities.

Do you want to be helpful?

Write us on falanster.by@gmail.com or fill in the questionnaire (in Belarusian).

Fill in the questionnaire

Our motto is Wiki markup without holidays!

Useful links:

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